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Eezox gun care

EEZOX® Ultimate Gun Care 7oz aerosol

EEZOX® Ultimate Gun Care 7oz aerosol

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Synthetic EEZOX® Ultimate Gun Care is composed of three major synthetic components that make your gun maintenance fast, simple and effective.

  1. Cleaning: A unique solvent component that cleans under all conditions and temperatures.
  2. Lubricating: An exclusive formula of high tech synthetic lubricants that function regardless of extreme temperatures found within the firearm.
  3. Protecting: A combination of rust inhibitors which keep metal parts free from rust and corrosion in all environments, including salt water conditions.

Synthetic EEZOX® Ultimate Gun Care brings these three components together into a high density solution. As the solvent portion evaporates, a thin, strong molecular structure of synthetic EEZOX lubricant remains on the metal surfaces. This protective dry coating remains on the firearm at all times whether in use or in storage.

Synthetic EEZOX® Ultimate Gun Care should be used EXCLUSIVELY on the firearm. It is not necessary to use distillate based bore cleaners, solvents or lubricants before, during or after the use of Synthetic EEZOX®.

EEZOX® is not harmful to wood finishes. Avoid rubber and soft plastics. EEZOX® is safe for use on all new polymer frame firearms.

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