1. Is EEZOX® safe on polymer framed firearms?
  • Yes, EEZOX® is absolutely safe on all modern polymer framed firearms. Caution should be used on rubber grip accessories. If EEZOX® gets on any rubber, wipe off with a clean cloth and no harm should occur.


2. Will EEZOX® damage my wood stock or its finish?
  • EEZOX® is not harmful to wood finishes and will not seep in or migrate into the stock. Caution should be used on urethane coated stocks, as well as painted stocks. Again if contact does occur, wipe off with a clean cloth and no harm should occur.

3. Is EEZOX® safe for the finish of my firearm?
  • EEZOX® is safe on 99%+ of finishes that are used on firearms. If you are still concerned, try applying some EEZOX® to a small test area which can’t be seen (such as under a grip).

4. Do I need to follow up with any other products, such as a grease after using EEZOX®?
  • No, EEZOX® by itself provides superb lubrication in its dry form. EEZOX® passed ASTM D-3233 Falex testing at a peak load of 4,500 lbs (Mil-Spec requires only 1,000 lbs). Nothing else comes close to this!

5. Do I use EEZOX® to clean and treat the inside or the outside of my firearm?
  • Both!  EEZOX® should be used on the interior and exterior of the firearm, as well as on all moving parts.  EEZOX® penetrates the metal providing easier cleaning and protection from corrosion and a new product finish every time.  JUST EEZOX® IT!